House rules

Dear guests,

Please observe the house rules and please bear in your mind that when are you returning late to the apartment that people are asleep and are going to work early in the morning, also children are going to schools and kindergartens.

Please do not disturb their sleep. You are not alone in the house; there are other guests as well who want peace and quiet.

  1. The check-in is at 12 am on the arrival day and the check-out at 10 am on the last day.
  2. At arrival to accommodation the guest is required to show travel and/or personal documents so the host can make all the necessary registrations.
  3. The service shall be paid on the arrival day or later if the guest ond the host agree upon it.
  4. For every damage made by the guest, the guest ist required to pay the costs equivalent to the damage.
  5. It is not permitted to make loud noise if it disturbs the neighbours in the building or in the neighbourhood, especially fom 10 pm to 7 am (singing, shouting, loud using of TV or radio…)
  6. It is not permitted to bring to bring to accommodation dangeorus and inflammable material, explosive, weapon without licence, substances with strong and offensive smell, etc.
  7. It is allowed to bring animals and pets in the accommodation but with prior announcement, and only if it the animal has not gost a desease or virus.
  8. It is allowend to have visitors in the accommodation bu no longer than 2 hors.
  9. It is not permitted totake the inventory aut of the accommodation.
  10. We thank the guests for their cultural habits, to take care for the inventory turn off the lights, do not forget to shut down the water, lock the door when leaving, close the window if air-condition is on, etc. All suggestions, comments and complaints are welcome. The guest can contact the host, tourist board of travel agency.