Terms of use

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Basic regulations

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Limitation of Liability

The user uses the WEBSITE only on his own convenience. The owners of the WEBSITE will invest reasonable effort to keep all information accurate and up-to-date, but can’t be held responsible for the full accuracy and completeness, as well that the usage of this website will not take place without interruption. The owners of this WEBSITE have the right to change the content in any way, in any time and out of any reason and will not be held accountable for consequences of the changes.

The WEBSITE can have external links to other websites that are maintained by third parties. In other words, the content of those websites is not under the control of the authors and they will not be held responsible for it.

Statements displayed on linked pages are not ours, and we explicitly hide from any content on third party websites for which there are links to the WEBSITE. In particular, we do not assume any responsibility for violations of legal provisions or violations of the rights of third parties arriving on those sites.

For websites that come with a hyperlink to the WEBSITE and for their content, they are solely responsible for the owners of these sites, as well as for selling the products offered there and for dealing with related orders.

This limitation of liability is valid ofr all links that are shown on the WEBSITE and for the content on that is displayed on pages that the user is redirected to via those links.